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Промышленные выпрямители

Fuji Electric engineers, designs, manufactures and supplies complete AC to DC power conversion systems (Fuji S-Formers) for industrial electrolytic services which require a large amount of DC power.

The installed capacity of Fuji S-Formers supplied to date amounts to over 16,281MW (as of September 2003). Fuji designs and manufactures both rectifier transformers and rectifier assemblies under one roof at its ISO 9001 and 14001 certified Substation Equipment Factory. The rectifier transformers and rectifier assemblies are designed and manufactured as a system under one coherent quality control system. Prior to shipment, the rectifier transformers, rectifier assemblies and associated controls are coupled at our factory and tested as a system.

The combined test is our standard factory test procedure, which is a unique feature of our quality control system.
Fuji Electric designs and manufactures the diode and thyristor devices for S-Formers at our Matsumoto Factory.The Matsumoto Factory, also ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, is equipped with the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facilities and is one of the largest semiconductor factories in Japan. We are proud of the extremely high-reliability of the Fuji diodes and thyristors manufactured there, as proven by the overall statistical failure rate stated on the following pages.


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